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« 30 Day Challenge – Getting Ready

If you are not experienced with the web or computers, the 30 Day Challenge is perfect for you. Here’s why:

Learning the tools takes place even before the Challenge begins – in Pre-Season Training.

You will learn how to use software and social media properties that are fast becoming the way business works. Don’t know what Twitter is or think you can do without Facebook as a business owner? Think again.

You don’t need to be left behind. Even if all you do is browse the Pre-Season training to learn how to set up and use a Twitter account you will be better off.

If you are familiar with Facebook and prefer it to surfing on the Web, The Thirty Day Challenge has its own Facebook application that allows you to take the lessons from within Facebook.

So why even do the Thirty Day Challenge? The whole premise of the Challenge is to teach you how to make your first dollar online. I was telling my teenage nephew about it and I saw him recoil in suspicion about another possible “get rich quick” scam. This training is NOT about getting rich (although some people who have followed through with the skills have done extremely well.)

The training IS about understanding how marketing and business works on the internet so you can make money, period. I have found the training to be excellent foundation for understanding marketing in general.  If you want to even have a business in the future, learning these skills is a imperative. These are the new business skills required for success. Print advertising and marketing is almost dead. Even relationship marketing in going online.

To join the Thirty Day Challenge Training go to: and register for free. Or if you are on Facebook go to

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