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I attended my local Real Estate Investors Club last night. It’s interesting how often I end up talking about how to use the internet with real estate investors. The most successful Real Estate investors now and in the future will be marketing and connecting on the internet. Here’s a question I was asked:

How can I get an email address with my company name?

You first have to buy your company name as a Domain address (URL). There are a couple ways or places to do that.

1) Find a Registrar you like and buy your name (if it’s available) Register your company as a URL (domain name) and use the registering site’s free email and Voila! you have an email address with your company name. Domains cost on average about $10 a year. The best, cheapest place I’ve found that I buy all my domains from is

A domain name without a web site hosted on it is pretty ugly and not great image for your company. Having even a simple web site on your domain is better than visitors landing on “under construction.” In the real estate world it’s like buying land with nothing on it. Build a web site and add to the value of your address. You are literally creating virtual real estate.

Your registrar also offers web site hosting and web site do it yourself web site builders.

2) Plan ahead, buy your web site hosting and domain together. You don’t have to host your web site with the registering company. I generally buy my domains cheap from Netfirms and then buy hosting on because I get a lot of space for multiple web sites and because I pay by the year it’s only about $7.95 a month for hosting. You will need to buy your first domain directly from Bluehost if you host with them. It costs a few bucks more than but you will be able to have more domains hosted with them for free. Other companies will charge you a monthly hosting fee for each domain/site. You can also set up multiple email addresses for free.

Having your own email address is a must if you are serious about business. If you are still using a or or email address, get your own email addres and you will project a much more professional image. Do it now! Register your name and your company name as URL’s.

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Design Dashboard- the Best Place to Start »

Four years ago, when I put up my first web site to market coaching (applying my new business knowledge along with my counseling skills), I  signed up for a hosting service with a site builder program available as part of the package. I wanted to have a web site quickly and I didn’t want to have to learn how to program HTML. The site builder worked and I still have that site today. As I became more aware of internet marketing sites I wanted more control over the design and function of the sites I was creating.

I’m an amateur at web design, really. I took a Front Page class five years ago but never really got to use it. I finally got my own copy of FrontPage last year and quickly become completely frustrated trying to create something that was close to what I envisioned. I started looking for templates on the internet that could be plugged in to FrontPage. Did I mention that I’ve been trying to do all of this on a shoestring budget? The templates were not up to my standards and design sensibilities. Hiring a professional seemed out of reach for me financially. I tried other HTML editor programs, like NetObjects Fusion, but I was just as frustrated trying to get what I wanted. Then I discovered the Design Dashboard, created by Marlon Sanders, an internet marketing wiz. Click here to read more »