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Puttin finishing touches on new secret program for my Marketing Monsoon students and clients. Going 2 make life easier 4 business owners! »

I'm excited! Details to follow today at 3:30 pm!

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My new blog project with 30 Day Challenge – #30DC just got indexed and ranked by Google for two of my keywords – it took 3 days! wow. »

I've been so busy with getting the project going I haven't yet posted about what I've been doing with the 30 Day Challenge. More to come. If you want to know how to really make a go of internet marketing take a looked at the Quite a few new tools that makes it SO easy.

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Found My Micro Niche for the 30 Day Challenge! »

Hi this is Jayne, WebBizDiva.

I’ve been deeply emersed in the 30 Day Challenge lessons. I started late because of a family vacation, but the cool thing is, no matter whether you start on Day 1 with everyone else, you can still go through the Challenge lessons and create your online business.

I’ve now caught up on all the videos to Day 9. You will be amazed at what is available here – and for free.

I’ve also gone back to do the work (yes, this does take work, sorry.)

Day 1 is all about understanding marketing, markets and niches. It gets you set up to find a micro-niche that will actually make you money. And that’s the goal of the Thirty Day Challenge, to create an online business that will have you earn your first $10 online – and ultimately change you life.

Some key ideas in Day One:

The Magnificent Symphony of four parts:

Sound familiar? It should if you participated in the Small Biz to Web Biz seminars and learned the Marketing Monsoon System for Small business owners to get more business from the web.

The main goal for day one is to make a list of market and niche ideas to be researched more thoroughly in the coming days.

Make it something you have interest and even passion about.

Hopefully, you are working with a team or partner that you can bounce ideas off of and get feed back.I have been keeping an ongoing list of niche ideas over the last couple of years. Have a notebook to record your ideas really helps.

I’ve finally settled on a few niche ideas to research for this year’s Challenge. Day One Complete! How about you?

Hope you will join me in the 30 Day Challenge and do it yourself. Go to to register.

30 Day Challenge – Getting Ready »

If you are not experienced with the web or computers, the 30 Day Challenge is perfect for you. Here’s why:

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Reviving WebBizDiva Blog »

Much has happened in the world of Internet Marketing. I’ve been so involved with teaching small business owners how to use the internet, I’ve neglected my own blog for many months. The start of this year’s Thirty Day Challenge is a good reason to get myself in gear. Here’s why…

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Would You Like to Learn How to Use an Autoresponder? »

What’s an autoresponder for you say? Finding big lists of like minded people and keeping in touch with them, that’s what! I mentioned in my last post, Internet Marketing Made Easy, that I’ve been asked to teach a few people about autoresponders. I was even asked to step in and teach a couple of classes at a Community College last month on the subject. I’ve been told I have some talent for teaching this material. (who knew?) Over the last few weeks I’ve been getting more and more requests for another class.
Mark Maupin, Mr Lease Option, and co-founder of the Internet Marketing Made Easy seminar in Detroit, Michigan encouraged me to get it down in video. I can reach more people that way! Many of the ones who have been asking are in the real estate profession as well. Finding and maintaining a list of buyers and sellers is extremely important.

If you are new to using the internet to promote your business and would like to learn how to build a list of prospects, automatically, I will give you the new video program I am creating that shows you step-by-step how to do it. All I ask is you tell me what you most want to know about autoresponders, building lists online and opt-in forms and so on. No question is too dumb! As soon as it’s ready, I’ll send you the download link and you can have it for free. I want to be sure that I get it right, so your input is very important. It’ll just take a moment… Please tell me your three most pressing questions about using autoresponders and building your lists.

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