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Puttin finishing touches on new secret program for my Marketing Monsoon students and clients. Going 2 make life easier 4 business owners! »

I'm excited! Details to follow today at 3:30 pm!

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My new blog project with 30 Day Challenge – #30DC just got indexed and ranked by Google for two of my keywords – it took 3 days! wow. »

I've been so busy with getting the project going I haven't yet posted about what I've been doing with the 30 Day Challenge. More to come. If you want to know how to really make a go of internet marketing take a looked at the Quite a few new tools that makes it SO easy.

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Found My Micro Niche for the 30 Day Challenge! »

Hi this is Jayne, WebBizDiva.

I’ve been deeply emersed in the 30 Day Challenge lessons. I started late because of a family vacation, but the cool thing is, no matter whether you start on Day 1 with everyone else, you can still go through the Challenge lessons and create your online business.

I’ve now caught up on all the videos to Day 9. You will be amazed at what is available here – and for free.

I’ve also gone back to do the work (yes, this does take work, sorry.)

Day 1 is all about understanding marketing, markets and niches. It gets you set up to find a micro-niche that will actually make you money. And that’s the goal of the Thirty Day Challenge, to create an online business that will have you earn your first $10 online – and ultimately change you life.

Some key ideas in Day One:

The Magnificent Symphony of four parts:

Sound familiar? It should if you participated in the Small Biz to Web Biz seminars and learned the Marketing Monsoon System for Small business owners to get more business from the web.

The main goal for day one is to make a list of market and niche ideas to be researched more thoroughly in the coming days.

Make it something you have interest and even passion about.

Hopefully, you are working with a team or partner that you can bounce ideas off of and get feed back.I have been keeping an ongoing list of niche ideas over the last couple of years. Have a notebook to record your ideas really helps.

I’ve finally settled on a few niche ideas to research for this year’s Challenge. Day One Complete! How about you?

Hope you will join me in the 30 Day Challenge and do it yourself. Go to to register.

30 Day Challenge – Getting Ready »

If you are not experienced with the web or computers, the 30 Day Challenge is perfect for you. Here’s why:

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Reviving WebBizDiva Blog »

Much has happened in the world of Internet Marketing. I’ve been so involved with teaching small business owners how to use the internet, I’ve neglected my own blog for many months. The start of this year’s Thirty Day Challenge is a good reason to get myself in gear. Here’s why…

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Small Biz to Web Biz – Seminar #2 »

Title: Small Biz to Web Biz – Seminar #2
Location: Livonia, MI
Link out: Click here
Description: You will learn:

Start Time: 9:00
Date: 2009-03-21
End Time: 15:00

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Small Biz to Web Biz – Seminar #1 »

Title: Small Biz to Web Biz – Seminar #1
Location: Livonia, MI
Link out: Click here
Description: Discover exactly what you need to do to get your business on the Web and generating more sales.

Start Time: 9:00
Date: 2009-02-14
End Time: 15:00

How to Market Your Small Business on the Web »

Jayne will be speaking at this event:

Title: How to Market Your Small Business on the Web

Wayne County Community College, Downtown Campus
1001 W Fort St
Detroit, MI 48226

For More Information: Click here
Description: On January 8th, Thursday Come set you New Year Goals with three top internet marketers at Wayne County Community College Downtown Campus.

The following is panel of experts and topics:

“The Four Secrets to Getting a Flood of New Business on the Web.” by Jayne Burch creates Rainmaker(TM) Web Marketing Systems for small businesses. Jayne Burch, founder of says,

“We don’t just build web sites. A web site is just the beginning. It should be part of your overall marketing strategy and plan.”

Burch is a professional business coach, real estate investor and internet marketer. She is continually researching, teaching and applying the latest in internet marketing technology so that small business owners can succeed even in downtimes.

Learn How to Buy and Sell on EBay by Shant’e Moseley, Power Seller

Shant’e Moseley is an EBay Power Seller based in the Metro Detroit area. She has been an eBay success since 2004. She is also certified in Microsoft word, sold a variety of items on Craigslist, and among others.

In her current role Miss Moseley has sold more than a hundred thousand dollars worth of goods annually and well over ten thousand dollars monthly. She has sold a wide range of items on eBay including electronics, Dyson vacuum cleaners, Apple iPods, iphones, plasma televisions and much, much, more. She also coaches other to achieve the same success of becoming an eBay power seller.

Shant’e is not a stranger to solving complicated eBay policy questions and dispenses great eBay advice. She has being a successful EBay entrepreneur for the past four years.

Learn how to Market on the internet by writing Ebooks, and running Membership Web Sites by Bro. Bedford

Bro. Bedford is founder of How to be a Black Entrepreneur and president of G.B.I. Group LLC private investment firm. He is the author of several e-books, The Fall of the Dollar: Are Black People Prepared for the Coming Economic Collapse and How to be Entrepreneur in the Information age.

All of these speakers will be setting up workshops for more information. Come with your questions and have fun networking.

Date: 1-08-2009
Start Time:
6:00 PM
End Time: 9:00 PM

Get Your Own Email Address for a More Professional Image »

I attended my local Real Estate Investors Club last night. It’s interesting how often I end up talking about how to use the internet with real estate investors. The most successful Real Estate investors now and in the future will be marketing and connecting on the internet. Here’s a question I was asked:

How can I get an email address with my company name?

You first have to buy your company name as a Domain address (URL). There are a couple ways or places to do that.

1) Find a Registrar you like and buy your name (if it’s available) Register your company as a URL (domain name) and use the registering site’s free email and Voila! you have an email address with your company name. Domains cost on average about $10 a year. The best, cheapest place I’ve found that I buy all my domains from is

A domain name without a web site hosted on it is pretty ugly and not great image for your company. Having even a simple web site on your domain is better than visitors landing on “under construction.” In the real estate world it’s like buying land with nothing on it. Build a web site and add to the value of your address. You are literally creating virtual real estate.

Your registrar also offers web site hosting and web site do it yourself web site builders.

2) Plan ahead, buy your web site hosting and domain together. You don’t have to host your web site with the registering company. I generally buy my domains cheap from Netfirms and then buy hosting on because I get a lot of space for multiple web sites and because I pay by the year it’s only about $7.95 a month for hosting. You will need to buy your first domain directly from Bluehost if you host with them. It costs a few bucks more than but you will be able to have more domains hosted with them for free. Other companies will charge you a monthly hosting fee for each domain/site. You can also set up multiple email addresses for free.

Having your own email address is a must if you are serious about business. If you are still using a or or email address, get your own email addres and you will project a much more professional image. Do it now! Register your name and your company name as URL’s.

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Learn to Make Money Online? Yes! With the 30 Day Challenge »

Just a quick note to share a very cool resource with you because I know you to be someone interested in internet marketing, making money online and/or creating streams of passive income.

I would like to introduce The Thirty Day Challenge. The “30DC” is free training for anyone from absolute internet beginners to experienced internet marketers on strategies for making money with the internet. The Challenge is about following the instructions and strategies of the founders to make just $1 from your own product online. “One measly dollar!” you say? Here’s the beauty of it, if learn to make just $1, you have learned a process that can be applied to make a lot more.

The actual Challenge starts August 1 and continues through Aug 31. Day lessons, videos, support and teams help you to understand and master everything you need to be a success – and it’s all f.ree. I started working through last years challenge (available through out the year) last February and found it extremely helpful. I am looking forward to doing this year’s challenge in real time.

To help you even more there is a Pre-season series of tutorials about the internet tools that will be used in Challenge. The Pre-season is worth a bunch all by itself! Learn to use all of the cutting edge tools that the most successful internet marketers use: The Flock browser, Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, video and more. The other cool thing is you can go at your own pace. Be sure to join a team. I’ve made global friendships since starting the Challenge earlier this year!

I hope you will join me in the Thirty Day Challenge. Just go here to learn more and to register…

If I was mistaken and this isn’t your thing, please forward this post to someone you think might be interested. If you ARE planning to join forward this post too. It’s fun and possibly very lucrative!

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