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Would You Like to Learn How to Use an Autoresponder? »

What’s an autoresponder for you say? Finding big lists of like minded people and keeping in touch with them, that’s what! I mentioned in my last post, Internet Marketing Made Easy, that I’ve been asked to teach a few people about autoresponders. I was even asked to step in and teach a couple of classes at a Community College last month on the subject. I’ve been told I have some talent for teaching this material. (who knew?) Over the last few weeks I’ve been getting more and more requests for another class.
Mark Maupin, Mr Lease Option, and co-founder of the Internet Marketing Made Easy seminar in Detroit, Michigan encouraged me to get it down in video. I can reach more people that way! Many of the ones who have been asking are in the real estate profession as well. Finding and maintaining a list of buyers and sellers is extremely important.

If you are new to using the internet to promote your business and would like to learn how to build a list of prospects, automatically, I will give you the new video program I am creating that shows you step-by-step how to do it. All I ask is you tell me what you most want to know about autoresponders, building lists online and opt-in forms and so on. No question is too dumb! As soon as it’s ready, I’ll send you the download link and you can have it for free. I want to be sure that I get it right, so your input is very important. It’ll just take a moment… Please tell me your three most pressing questions about using autoresponders and building your lists.

Internet Marketing Made Easy »

This is the first post in almost a year since I jumped into the fire of internet marketing. There is so much to learn and so many wonderful and interesting ways to make money online. I had no idea when I started. Since last summer I have attended the Internet Marketing Made Easy Conference in Detroit (modeled after “The Big Seminar” two times to hear some of the best and most successful internet marketers around. I learned many of the basics and also learned how much more there is to learn.

The biggest realization is that internet marketing is far from easy. It’s not a “get rich quick” plan. It takes dedication and persistence just like any other career. The rewards, however, can be staggering. I was inspired by the parade of 20-30 somethings who found there way to making 7 figure incomes from their dorm rooms or their kitchen tables.

Last July was my first big live event on internet marketing. I highly recommend attending one of these events if you are serious about internet marketing. I heard from professionals like Matt Bacak, Eric Graham, Greg Cesar and Anik Sengal on how to get started making money quickly on the internet.

One of the most important topics covered was how to find customers online. Marketing is so different online. Instead of creating or choosing a product and throwing up a web site to sell it, successful marketers find and create markets first by discovering what people already want. The key skill here is to create a “system” to build a list of potential customers, find out what they want and get it to them. Bacak, calls that market creation. How hard is to to sell to someone who is hungry for what you have to offer?

One system that has worked well for many is to offer valuable, quality content (information) around a niche, usually on a very simple web site and invite visitors to “subscribe” to receive more information on a regular basis. This is the way visitors are turned into leads and prospects. This is a time proven method of building a list of people with interest in your product or services. Chances are that you have already found places like this on the web that you wanted to have more of what was offered and gave your email address in return for information.

For internet marketing newbies, the concepts and techniques involved in setting up a system like that is overwhelming! Getting the web site (even a simple one) and the software required to collect email addresses into a list is quite technical and daunting to most. Anyone that wants to succeed in business in the next 5 years is going to need to understand how to use this system.

I’ve spent the last 8 months learning how to apply this system to my various businesses. I’ve learned how to create all types of web sites, use autoresponders and many ways to deliver traffic to those sites. A couple of months ago I was invited by the one of the founders of the “Internet Marketing Made Easy” seminar to teach a class in using autoresponders and generating customer lists. Since then I attended the “Internet Marketing Made Easy 2008” seminar March 28-30 and was asked by numerous people if I would be teaching that class again soon?

I’ve decided that instead I will be creating a series of video tutorials that will walk people through the material step-by-step. Stay tuned for an announcement on how you can get those tutorials for free. Internet marketing may not ever be exactly easy, but I intend to help make the path to success a little clearer.

Design Dashboard- the Best Place to Start »

Four years ago, when I put up my first web site to market coaching (applying my new business knowledge along with my counseling skills), I  signed up for a hosting service with a site builder program available as part of the package. I wanted to have a web site quickly and I didn’t want to have to learn how to program HTML. The site builder worked and I still have that site today. As I became more aware of internet marketing sites I wanted more control over the design and function of the sites I was creating.

I’m an amateur at web design, really. I took a Front Page class five years ago but never really got to use it. I finally got my own copy of FrontPage last year and quickly become completely frustrated trying to create something that was close to what I envisioned. I started looking for templates on the internet that could be plugged in to FrontPage. Did I mention that I’ve been trying to do all of this on a shoestring budget? The templates were not up to my standards and design sensibilities. Hiring a professional seemed out of reach for me financially. I tried other HTML editor programs, like NetObjects Fusion, but I was just as frustrated trying to get what I wanted. Then I discovered the Design Dashboard, created by Marlon Sanders, an internet marketing wiz. Click here to read more »

Everybody Markets (Some of Us Better Than Others) »

Marketing is a life skill they don’t teach you in school. I now call myself an internet marketer since I realized that, in reality, every interest I have will likely end up being shared on the internet, sooner or later. The Web Life, as defined by Frank Feather, futurist and author, is becoming a reality (Get a Web Life!).

Why marketing? Marketing, defined as offering goods, services and information for sale, isn’t just on the internet and it isn’t just done by business people. We are all marketing all the time. Every time you attempt to communicate an idea or try to influence another person you are selling, selling an idea, selling your time (ie a job) or offering a personal creation. Marketing isn’t always about money (money is great, of course). Marketing is about persuading someone to take action- sometimes the desired action is buying what you are offering. Sometimes the desired action is a phone call or merely an acknowledgement. Artists know the fine edge of this sword very well. We make art (music, poetry…) because it is who we are. The presentation of our work to others for acceptance, accolades and for sale, is marketing.
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How to Leave Your Day Job »

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial streak in me. At age 11 I started looking at ways I could turn my interests and abilities into cash. I liked cats and dogs, so I became the neighborhood pet sitter. Now, some years later creating income from what I love to do is still enjoy. I have never been one to be satisfied with just a job.

Back then I didn’t have the advantage of a mentor to take my business to a higher level. I made a few buck to sock away for college, but nothing substantial. As soon as I could drive I got a job. I’ve been in the world of work every since.

I created this Web Biz Diva site to pass along everything I’m learning about creating massive, passive income. Financial freedom is the goal and doing business can be great fun. This site is dedicated to the hard working artists, poets, actors, musicians and everyone else who has a passion they are not following full-time because they have to work a job.

I love the internet and the possibilities for making money, for self-expression and for communication. The internet is a powerful tool and force in the world for good. With the internet, written words, still and moving images, sound can easily be shared. It has become the new gallery, the new screening room and the new broadcast medium. It’s also the new market place. The internet is leveling the playing field for artists and for would be entrepreneurs. Web Business and Artist go together. Singing is what I love to do, what I’ve given up over the years of having to go to work every day. Web Biz is my route to singing again. And it’s great fun. Web Biz Diva.

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