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Learn to Make Money Online? Yes! With the 30 Day Challenge »

Just a quick note to share a very cool resource with you because I know you to be someone interested in internet marketing, making money online and/or creating streams of passive income.

I would like to introduce The Thirty Day Challenge. The “30DC” is free training for anyone from absolute internet beginners to experienced internet marketers on strategies for making money with the internet. The Challenge is about following the instructions and strategies of the founders to make just $1 from your own product online. “One measly dollar!” you say? Here’s the beauty of it, if learn to make just $1, you have learned a process that can be applied to make a lot more.

The actual Challenge starts August 1 and continues through Aug 31. Day lessons, videos, support and teams help you to understand and master everything you need to be a success – and it’s all f.ree. I started working through last years challenge (available through out the year) last February and found it extremely helpful. I am looking forward to doing this year’s challenge in real time.

To help you even more there is a Pre-season series of tutorials about the internet tools that will be used in Challenge. The Pre-season is worth a bunch all by itself! Learn to use all of the cutting edge tools that the most successful internet marketers use: The Flock browser, Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, video and more. The other cool thing is you can go at your own pace. Be sure to join a team. I’ve made global friendships since starting the Challenge earlier this year!

I hope you will join me in the Thirty Day Challenge. Just go here to learn more and to register…

If I was mistaken and this isn’t your thing, please forward this post to someone you think might be interested. If you ARE planning to join forward this post too. It’s fun and possibly very lucrative!

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