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Just posted a poll on LinkedIn: What online activity brings you the most new business? What say you? »

I lean towards the Permission-Based Marketing System (websites designed to attract, qualify and begin relationships with new customers on autopilot), but wanted to find out how most people are using the web to market their business these days.

What are you using and how is it working for you from the perspective of getting new business? Do you track the results of your online marketing efforts?

Here are the choices in the recent LinkedIn Poll:

Are you active on Social Media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter?
Are you building an email list with an opt-in page?
Are you advertising online with Adwords?
or do you send an eZine or email newsletter to your offline contact list?

Are there other activities that you do that do not fall into these categories?

All of these strategies are important. Some may work better for you than others, or you may have more comfort with some than others.

Please comment below and share your experience with these strategies.

If you are on LinkedIn please participate in the Poll: "What online activity brings you the most new business?'

If you aren't on LinkedIn (it's a really good idea if you are in any type of business or sales) please join me and request a connection if you are not already in my network.

All the Best,

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Reposting with better link: Here’s a simple tool anyone can use: SqueezeTheme: Get an instant website & optin page »

The link I just posted isn't working. To get more information about the Squeeze Theme go here:

Get an instant website & optin page

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You gotta build an email list! Here’s a simple tool anyone can use »

You’ve got to have a list to succeed in business over the long haul! Having a simple way to capture email addresses is KEY to a Permission-Based Marketing System. I’ve believed for a long time that WordPress is the answer for small business owners getting online quickly and easily. I’ve been using WordPress for my optin pages for a long time too.

Now comes a fantastic new product called Squeeze Theme that will create a beautiful email capture web site, quickly and easily.

Unique Blog Designs has just launched their new product, Squeeze Theme. It makes building a list really easy. Check it out here: .

You can take the Squeeze Camp that’s offered or let us show you how to turn it into a complete Permission-Based Marketing System to create a flood of new business from the web.

Let me know what you think!

Jayne Burch

Get our eBook: “The Four Secrets to Creating a Flood of New Business from the Web” at:

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Small Biz owners, sort out the confusion around internet marketing. IM Mastery, Oct 22, Beverly Hills, MI »

Internet Marketing Conference Sorts Out the Confusion with a 60 Day Plan

Using the internet to build a solid customer base and advertise at little to no cost

PRLog (Press Release) – Oct 06, 2009 – Detroit, MI — The economy in Michigan may be sagging, but businesses don't have to given in to the downward movement. An upcoming Internet Marketing Mastery Conference in Beverly Hills, outside of Detroit may be just the thing for enterprising people to turn around the trend. 

The one-day conference is sponsored by Michael Angelo Caruso, President of The Edison House LLC, an international consulting firm specializing in corporate and personal improvement.

Caruso put together a program of local Internet Marketing experts to answer many of the questions that current traditional business owners have about how to use the Internet to get more customers or even make product sales online.

The goal of the conference is to take the confusion out of Internet Marketing for businesses and anyone who wants to earn at least part of their income online. Operating a business on the web can get very complicated. Read more…

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Think social media is a fad? Check out this video: Thanks to @jbradleydoyle for sharing »

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I love using to update my blog, twitter and Facebook at one time! »

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“Either make your money work for you or you will always have to work for your money” – @marshallsylver Shifting my mind set today. »

Putting all the money I have invested in Internet Marketing courses to work.

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Just a quick post with three things: a big thank you, a tip and a question for you. »

1. A big thanks to everyone who took immediate action on the Marketing Monsoon Mega Web Site Promotion Campaign offer last week! We got started immediately with those who sign up and we are already seeing web sites jumping higher in the rankings!


2. A Tip: This week I had a revelation about the key to success in marketing online. I realized the one thing that makes or breaks your efforts to reach your audience or not is: writing. The key is getting lot’s of quality content or information out there on the web and on your site.


“Well, that’s not news,” you might say. The revelation was that writing lots of good content is the exact place I get hung up!


While I can write, I’m not fast. It’s not my favorite part of the internet marketing process. I love teaching and solving problems with technology. But, getting myself to sit down and knock off a few articles a week is a challenge, and absolutely critical to meeting my goals online.


So, why is it so important to write? Shouldn’t you just be able to put up your web site with an article or two and have people just show up? Well, no. The internet marketing game is all about getting found by search engines. The businesses that have the best content on their sites and on other sites that link to their sites win the game.


The most effective strategy to date to get ranked in the search engines is to create an information rich blog-type web site with lots of good quality content, and then start spreading good quality content all over the web with links back to your site. I’ve seen it work over and over again. It’s what we teach with the Marketing Monsoon system. So why don’t more people do it? It's a lot of work and a lot writing!


Here’s your tip: Don’t let your aversion to writing stop you from succeeding in your online business!

3. Now, here’s my question: (all responses are appreciated!)


Where do you get stuck marketing your business on the web?


Send me an email reply now, or go to my blog, and post a comment. You can also find me on Twitter:


Have a great productive day!


Jayne Burch


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Here’s the ink to the report: »

The link got cut off and didn't go through with last post.

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Just published report on how to get targeted website traffic. Warning: promo at the end saves you $1500 – »

This was originally supposed to be a surprise for my students and clients only. I'm letting you in on the secret. more info

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